Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We've moved

 One of the benefits of Becky's recent promotion was the upgrade in the housing allowance.  So , we packed up and moved down the street to a nice 4-bedroom with a white (concrete) picket fence.   We also got a another dog,  Myli,  but that's another story. 
There have been many questions and requests for pictures with the new house,  so I will attempt to answer them here.  For those who could care less,  nothing exciting happens,  so you can stop reading now.  Just remember to update our address so you know where to send our next care package. 
Villa 273 Phase 2 Palm Meadows
Whitefield, Bangalore 560066
The house is in the same neighborhood,  just down the street. It has a more American feel -- 4 bedroom with a attached two-car garage.  It's larger than the old  -- we packed 6 people and a dog into 1500 sq. ft. 
Emma is back to having her own room and so is Danielle.  The boys inhabit the kids' room which has a groovy built in double loft.  Will could do all his homework in the privacy of his own room,  but still prefers the kitchen table so he can annoy his sister.  Nolan also has his own desk, but does his homework on the bus coming home.  His handwriting looks like a seismograph. 
The new kitchen is full size.  Our last kitchen had low countertops and small cabinets -- imagine the nicest Playskool kitchen you have ever seen.  The new house also has many extras.  It has a large Pooja room,  used by Hindu families for their prayer offerings. There is a “Florida” room, built in computer desk, servant quarters, front and rear terraces and of course our favorite,  the Media Room.  Sounds cool,  but it’s just an upstairs room where we watch TV.  The living room reminds me of home.  It’s by far the largest room, but no one ever goes in there.  That is except Myli,  the new dog.  She redecorated the place by ripping the stuffing out of the couches and chewing the corners off the coffee table.
The new joint.  At the intersection of the Main Road and Phase 2 Main Road, 
Looking down the dining room to the
Florida room from the Entrance. 
Nolan answers the door.

Sharadha (Head of Household Hygiene) and
 Mrs. Thompson (Master Chef) in the Kitchen.

Danielle says hello from her room. 

The side yard. 





Billiards Room.
Nolan gets in a little batting
Bonus points if you can find which two
couches Myli (dog in foreground) tore into.  The coffee table
was also victimized.
Library. (Pooja Room)
Dining room. 
Music Hall. 
Front terrace with the Grocery store across the street. 

Back terrace.  

Nolan's desk.
The loft.
Walk in closet.  Rumour has it the original
owner would do yoga atop the closet
 each morning, 
Emma's room.
Master bedroom from the top of the walk in closet. 

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